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Shoah Memorial in Milan


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Summary and project data

The Shoah Memorial in Milan is divided in two parts: the memorial – an area of remembrance and story telling – and the Memory Workshop – a place of elaboration -, a system of spaces dedicated to dialogue and research.

The ground floor of this newly revealed station, connected to the basement with the demolition of part of the attic of the first bay, contains the library, which develops on three levels with 45.000 volumes (to be completed), an auditorium with 200 seats, didactic areas and temporary exhibitions.

An introductive area continues in the Testimony Hall, built with metallic volumes dedicated to the projection of the survivors’ stories.

In the deportation area there are an original railway car (Track of the Unknown Destination), the Wall of Names and the Reflection Hall, a laic space for silence and gathering.


General Surfaces (SLP)

Ground Floor / Raised Ground Floor: 5.670,00 mq

Basement: 1.390,00 mq

Total: 7.060,00 mq


Permanent areas of the Memorial

Observatory and Testimony Halls: 103 mq

Reflection Hall: 60 mq


Permanent areas of the Memory Workshop

Library: 424 mq (246 mq for the first floor, 178 mq for the basement)

Cataloguing and Archive: 75 mq

Temporary Exhibition Area: 250 mq

Didactic Area and Memorial Hall: 100 mq


Service areas and accessories

Offices and Archive of the foundation: 250 mq

Bookshop: 96 mq

Systems: 100 mq

Restrooms: 100 mq


Start of construction: December 2009

Shoah Memorial in Milan

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