Housing Complex Abitare Pioltello


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Adjacent to the old town of Pioltello -eastern hinterland of Milan- the intervention is based on the integration of built and open spaces, public and domestic areas, paved and planted soils, all into a single settlement.


The new comb-shaped system of four buildings is both a space for living and a common cross and meeting place: a new piece of urban fabric, a park and a public square, all integrated into a single intervention. The apartments -ranging from two to four rooms dwellings - are 207, including 28 flats devoted to social housing.


The main building (about 100mt long and 6 floors high) overlooks the new square (east front). The other three buildings, one of 6 floors and the others of 5, overlook the park in the western part of the area. The buildings' fronts toward the park are one floor lower and have pilotis on the ground floor, in a direct relationship with the green space, easily accessible for all the apartments.


The building facing the square is entirely raised on pilotis to guarantee a visual continuity through the entire extent of the residential area, between the inner and the outer public spaces; the southern end of the building, prominent on the ground floor, is dedicated to commercial activities. The jutting volume's roof is a garden for  the first floor apartments.

In general, the project aims to maximize the quality of the internal distribution and the views of the flats through the articulation of the volumes with deep loggias and large openings: a clear example of urban architecture, with a quality of living based on permanence and continuity, coherently with the Milanese tradition. The 4 buildings are 13.00 mt wide.


The inner residential area, separated from the public spaces, is entirely pedestrian and includes condominium green areas in a visual continuity with the public park. The four buildings are provided with apartments with private gardens which, together with the fences between the properties and the vertical ventilation system of the garage, contribute to shape the base of the buildings and to distinguish the open space between them.


The buildings have an underground garage with a north-east (from the public square) and a south-west access. On the basement floors are also located the cellars, the technical and the service areas.

Abitare Pioltello

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