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The project focuses on the display of the main hall of the exhibition “Comunità Italia. Architecture, city and landscape 1945-2000”.

This part of the exhibition sums up the history of italian architecture since the postwar period through a wide selection of works, displayed with models, original drawings and photos along a two-storey path within curve hall of Milan Palazzo dell'Arte.


The exhibition display has been shaped in order to exalt the space of the Triennale curve hall, underlining its special morphology and dynamic tension.

All the display elements are placed according to the tangents lines linking the pillars along the outer curve to the inner one, in order to form a geometric sequence of axes  defining the design scheme.

The arrangement of the exhibition plans shapes a figure recalling a big crack inhabited by models and original drawings of the most important projects developed in Italy in the 50 years of its postwar reconstruction, as a sort of archipelago of ideas and research activities.


The exhibition is parted in three complementary sections:


Main area on the ground floor

The area occupying the largest part of the curve hall has been set up through a sequence of 4 wide plans on which 62 original wooden models are placed in order to be seen along a visually and physical uninterrupted path.

From the entrance of the hall, the first three exhibition plans are sloped to form an ideal continuation of the floor. The heights of these inclined -but not walkable- "soils"  ranges from 10cm to 80-100-110cm, depending on the size and the location of the selected models by the curators.

The models are placed on horizontal bases, supported by shaped beams.

The last exhibition plan is a wide horizontal table 80cm high, on which the models are directly placed. In the middle of the table, a higher shelf (120cm) allows the more distant models to be seen.

Near the exhibition panels are located a few lecterns made of shaped sheet metal, supporting the albums illustrated with materials about the exposed projects.


Gallery of drawings on the ground floor

Along the outer curve of the hall has been located the so-called “gallery of drawings”, a longitudinal, polygonal space, which follows the perimetric wall of the building and within which large panels on both sides host the framed original drawings.

The gallery, accessible from the right of the curve, is 2,40mt high and 2mt wide. It's made of a sequence of shaped portals, which in addition to define the gallery's space, support a further exhibition path on top.

The gallery of drawings ends in correspondence of the security exit in the middle of the hall.


Overhead path

In correspondence of the entrance of the exhibition a staircase leads to an overhead path, on the top of the gallery of drawings.

The path completes the materials display with wooden lecterns (28 albums) and framed photos, offering at the same time an observation point from the top to the models on the ground floor.

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