The firm was established in Milan in 2006, joining the associates’ both professional and academic

experiences. The practice -whose design research includes disciplinary tradition and experimentation - studies in depth the relationships between architecture and memory, its works focus on responsible forms of cultural restitution, even in reuse of historical buildings, interiors design, exhibitions and museum projects, developing housing complexes and urban public space design.

The core of the design process is based on issues like timelessness and rootedness in the context, exploiting the expressivity of materials, light, textures and details on every dimensional architectural scale. The research on detail with economic alternatives to mass production, amplifies the experience: each part takes part in everything. In the design of the interior of buildings and in fitting out exhibitions and museums, the quiet control of space, the precision in assembling the various elements and details of the design are the distinguishing features of an ideal continuity with the projectual approach of the modern architectural tradition: the detail is not an aesthetic issue, but a decisive contribution to the sense of space.

Each project is based and continues on a principle of responsibility that corresponds with the essentiality of language, as in the case of the Memorial of the Shoah in Milan, within which all interventions are functional to a representation of an event and, above all, they are always measured by the void they have around, underlining the documentary and testimonial importance.


The work of Morpurgo-de Curtis Architetti Associati has been awarded and displayed in exhibitions, organized -among the others- by the Academy of S. Luca (Rome, Italy), In/Arch-Domus at the Milan Triennale (Milan, Italy), the National Luigi Cosenza Architectural Prize (Naples, Italy), Mémorial de la Shoah and Institut Français d’Architecture (Paris, France) and Triennale di Milano.

In 2015 The Memorial of the Shoah of Milan won the Honorable Mention of the Italian Architecture Gold

Medal Award (Milan Triennale and Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage). The project has been published in several magazines and books, including the international

architecture journal ABITARE, The History of Italian Architecture 1985-2015 (Biraghi M., Micheli S., Storia dell’Architettura Italiana, Turin, 2013), Milan Architecture Guide 1945-2015 (Andreola F., Biraghi M., Lo Ricco G., Milan 2015) and has been reviewed in the New York Times Art&Design and in The Forward, Adaptation strategies in Interior design by Graeme Brooker, London 2016. The project has been shown in several exhibitions, among the others at the Cité de l’Architecture (Paris, France 2014) and Triennale di Milano (2015).


Parallel to their professional practice, the associates currently teach Architectural Design as adjunct professors at the Polytechnic University of Milan. Their academic activity is completed by lectures,in Italy and abroad, on the relationship between architecture and its context, city and memory, design as a form of research and narration within the landscape. Morpurgo and de Curtis have been also invited Professors at the International Architectural Workshop W.A.Ve. organized by I.U.A.V. University of Venice, in 2014 and 2015, winning the first edition and International Design Seminar Villard organized by 12 schools of architecture, winning the all editions, 2014, 2015, 2016.